Spreadsheets Can't Tell the Full Story

Make polling more powerful. Analyze voter data and communities. Find the voters you need to win. Amplify your campaign efforts. Elevate your political data visualization.

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Advanced Filtering

Target Voter Segments

Unlock valuable insights by precisely identifying and engaging specific voter segments based on demographics, ideologies, past voting behavior and interests.

Dynamic Data Analysis

Instant Crosstab Analysis

Hundreds of variables and millions of records analyzed instantly. Select any area and get immediate summarization. Uncover hidden patterns and relationships, fine-tune your messaging to resonate with specific voter groups.

Data Harmonization

Synthesize Polling and Campaign Data

Stay ahead of the game by harmonizing polling data with voter records, providing you with current insights into public opinion. Blend the data from your outreach with voter records, providing you with up-to-date insights into the electorate.

Locate Challenges and Opportunities

Map Voter Ideologies

Assess voter ideologies and influencing factors dynamically, enabling you to understand political landscapes at a glance and identify areas of impact without spreadsheets.

Deeper and More Accurate Data

Enhanced Voter Records

More than just contacts and demographics, our voter database contains hundreds of variables for each record including registered and unregistered voters, along with calculated ideology scores for each voter.

Motivate Voters

Build Targeted GOTV Lists

Effortlessly create robust GOTV lists to connect with your most passionate supporters, identify independents with tipping points, and maximize voter turnout.

Let the Data Drive

Tell Your Story

Build data-drive interactive presentations with easy to use tools and templates. Turn any analysis into an story with slide editor that includes change over time comparisons, data comparisons, and outputs to PDF, PowerPoint, or embeddable HTML5.

Frequently asked questions

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Can I import my own data and voter records?

Yes, our built in data catalog allows you to import, manage, map, and analyze data from external sources. As part of our model, we'll even train you and help you get set up.


Do you have voter records and other data available?

We do. You can purchased any number of registered or unregistered voter records from us. As a subscriber we maintain and update these records along with hundreds of additional demographic and consumer variables, as well as ideology scores.


Can I share projects to review with others?

Of course! We believe all data should tell a story. You can send share links, provide embeddable outputs, build interactive presentations, and PowerPoints.


Can I export tables and lists?

Yes! You can filter and analyze any amount of your or our data in the data catalog or dynamically on the map, save templates, version datasets, and export as much as you need whenever you need it.


Do you offer data services?

Absolutely. We have a full data services and data science team that is available for any project you need. We work on heavyweight projects that demand attention to security and large complex data pipelines. Some of our customers include: AARP, the FBI, the Federal Reserve, the NAACP, the US Census, the NY Times, and more.