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Political Explorer is your data-centric partner for navigating the world of polling data visualization and voter analysis.

Visualize and Explore Your Polling with Enhanced Insights

Deep Community Insights

Maximize the impact of your survey data with our platform and elevate your polling through comprehensive community analysis. Political Explorer seamlessly combines data across geographies, enriched with underlying political and demographic insights.

Enhance Your Polls and Research

Amplify your polling responses with our enhanced voter database, providing detailed crosstabs for an in-depth understanding of your audience. Political Explorer offers an expansive data library, ideal for optimizing sampling with rich crosstabs and demographic layers.

Geographic Precision with Rich Data

Step up your analytics game by comparing polls against precinct-level election data spanning diverse geographies, from school districts to congressional districts. Political Explorer facilitates targeted outreach by mapping survey responses and demographic data, enabling identification of opinion clusters in specific regions.

Instant Issue Analysis

Dig deeper with issue-specific analysis, understanding policy perceptions across diverse areas. Predict voter turnout using historical data and demographic insights to strategize effectively. Our spatial visualization tool brings your data to life, enhancing comprehension of geographic patterns in public opinion.

Frequently asked questions

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Can I import my own data and voter records?

Yes, our built in data catalog allows you to import, manage, map, and analyze data from external sources. As part of our model, we'll even train you and help you get set up.


Do you have voter records and other data available?

We do. You can purchased any number of registered or unregistered voter records from us. As a subscriber we maintain and update these records along with hundreds of additional demographic and consumer variables, as well as ideology scores.


Can I share projects to review with others?

Of course! We believe all data should tell a story. You can send share links, provide embeddable outputs, build interactive presentations, and PowerPoints.


Can I export tables and lists?

Yes! You can filter and analyze any amount of your or our data in the data catalog or dynamically on the map, save templates, version datasets, and export as much as you need whenever you need it.


Do you offer data services?

Absolutely. We have a full data services and data science team that is available for any project you need. We work on heavyweight projects that demand attention to security and large complex data pipelines. Some of our customers include: AARP, the FBI, the Federal Reserve, the NAACP, the US Census, the NY Times, and more.